【Our story-part 15】 Warsaw Airport


Plane has landed safely. I saw Mila right when I walked out of the custom gate. She broke through the crowd and jumped into my arms to hug me. We didn’t ever care about other people watching.

“Mila, here I am." -I gently patted her head and whispered in her ear. – “I really missed you."

“Hard to believe that you’re there." -Mila wiped away her tears and started laughing. -“I also missed you so much."

After three months of being apart, we were finally together again.

“You wear so few, I’m worried you will caught a cold, it’s snowy now in Poland." -Mila helped me take on a khaki coat and carefully tied a scarf on my neck. When I ws looking at her concentrated facial expression, I felt really happy inside.

I’ve heard some people telling me, that in Taiwan it’s “wet cold" and in Europe it’s “dry cold", so in Taiwan the same temperature should feels a bit colder. That’s why I took just some winter clothes with me, having hope that it’s enough for Polish winter.

We headed to train station. Right after I left the airport, I knew I was not right. It was just -1*C, but it was enough to make me shake with cold. Out of curiosity, I took off gloves, but after few seconds, I felt a bone-snapping freeze. If she haven’t brought me clothes, I can’t imagine what would happen. It seems that I underestimated European winter.

We were holding hands and walking down the street, exactly the same as we did in Taipei. Though it was freezing cold outside, we felt the warmth inside our hearts.




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