【Our story-part 13】Mila! Shikai bought the flight ticket


Because we have met during New Year’s Eve, I booked my flight ticket on December 30, having hope that we can one more time celebrate New Year together. Last time in Taipei, this one in Warsaw.

I sent Mila the screenshot with flight reservation to make her a pleasant surprise. We were both very excited. Even if we had to wait next three months, it gave a spark of hope for our future long distance relationship.

To go to Poland for Mila, meant also that I am going to meet her parents and family.

I don’t know why, but when I thought about meeting girlfriend’s parents, in my head I had a scene from TV dramas. Everyone sits around the table, drinks tea and has a conversation on some serious topics or try to find out about other person’s family property. Everything in a very solemn atmosphere.

I don’t know how to deal with this kind of situation, so I couldn’t help but be nervous with it. But what made me even more nervous, what language barrier. How should I communicate with Mila’s parents? Could it be that because I don’t speak Polish, they will not like me?

I will learn it! I found some Polish lessons on YouTube and gradually learned some basic phrases. Mila once told me that Polish language is even harder than Chinese. Indeed, after learning a few words, I got stuck.

Before New Year’s Eve, I managed to master some Polish to the level, when I could have a basic conversation. It was very hard. With the days passing, I got more and more nervous.




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