【Our story – part 12】I am willing to set a distance journey for you.

11357022_507414826073995_6512755759730736901_o (2)

I was sitting alone inside the bus leaving Taoyuan Airport.

Everything seemed so unreal, as if Mila is still there in Taiwan and didn’t leave. I felt like we can still any time go out and holding hands walk down the streets.

I opened the gift she gave me. Inside there was a pillow, on which Mila embroidered beautiful floral patterns and my name.

I also opened the letter attached to pillow and read it carefully. Mila wrote down all our stories and memories. Between these words I found a true, sincere feeling. When I was reading, I felt that tears are slowly springing into my eyes.

Somewhere in the distance I heard a sound of airplane taking off. Was it the one that Mila was taking?

I reminded me that she really left Taiwan. Really left.

I hugged the pillow and firmly hold the letter, when something came to my mind.

I took out my mobile phone and started searching for flight information.

I want to go to Poland for Mila.




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