【Our story – part 11】Fading away in tears

IMG_1139 (2)

Mila bought the flight ticket and was getting ready to go back to Poland at the end of September.

After short two months of being again close to each other, we had to immediately return to long distance life. I really wanted to ask Mila to stay, but when I thought that she misses her family, I didn’t say a word.

We grasped last few days together and stuck together for the whole day and night. We were holding hands and slowly walking down the Taipei streets, thinking about all these days we went through together. New Year’s Eve in Taipei, Singapore, meeting again on every month, trip to Japan… We had so many sweet memories. All these stories became an important part of our lives.

If it is possible, I really wish we can continue to write down our story.

On the day of Mila’s departure, I sent her to the airport. We were sitting in taxi and holding hands, but didn’t say a word, having hope that the silence can make time slow down.

Pulling suitcase we went to take boarding pass. I wanted to take Mila to have something to eat and later send her to custom gate. That moment, teardrops began to fall from her eyes and run down her face. I hugged her closely. I wanted to comfort her, but didn’t find any words.

“I will go upstairs alone, ok?" -Mila said, while tears were choking her voice.- If you go with me, I am afraid it’ll be too hard to bear.

“Yhm." -I nodded and tried to smile. I kissed her.- “I will wait for you. No matter how long, I will always wait for you."

“We must be happy, don’t cry." -Said Mila and wiped her tears, forcing herself to smile.

“I love you."

“I love you too."

Before braking down in tears again, she turned round and went upstairs.

When I was looking at her walking away, I felt like I had suddenly lost something, it was as if in my heart there is a place, which emptied when she left.




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