【Our story – part 9】 200 long days of waiting

DSC_4648 (2)

When I was traveling in Ukraine, because the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was destroyed above air space of eastern Ukraine, airlines canceled all flights. With great difficulty I finally bought a cheaply-priced flight ticket, left Kiev and went back to Singapore.

With Mila`s encouragement, I decided to write down my whole story, having hope that more people can read it.

My stay in Singapore was about to end and I was ready to go back to Taiwan. Though company once asked me if I want to work there for some longer time, when I thought about Mila, I was sure I want to be back in Taiwan on schedule, don’t want to stay in Singapore even one day more.

At the end of July 2014, carrying my luggage, I returned to my home country. As soon as I left the airport, I immediately hurried to Taipei.

Mila and I met again on Taipei Railway Station, sobbed and hugged. This time, I finally came back. I didn’t have to take a flight back to Singapore.

After over half year of long distance, we could finally live in one city.




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