【Our story – part 10】No matter where you are, I will wait for you forever

DSC_4643 (2)

After a half year of being apart, we could finally be together.

To make up for the past days, we sticked together whenever we had a free time. What we did most of the time was holding hands and walking down the Taipei streets. This simple thing was something what we could only dream about when we were apart.

We celebrated birthday, ate stewed food and tempura, and even travel to Japan together. We full grasped every minute and second.

Autumn came. One day we went to Danshui and were walking along the riverside. We were standing on the Lover’s bridge, looking at boats floating on the water and at unending flow of people.

“I miss my family." -Said quietly Mila.- “If I go back to Poland for some time and return to Taiwan next year to do my master’s, will you be unhappy?"

Sunset rays were sprinkling on her face, I saw my own figure inside her blue eyes. I also saw all these days, all the things we have done together.

I once went alone to war-torn country, I also once spent many months writing a book that I was not sure if anybody will read. All that time Mila was always the only one who unconditional supported and encouraged me.

“I will wait for you" -I smiled at Mila and nodded.- “Family is very important, I will wait for you forever."




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