【Our story – part 8】 Clear and warm blue eyes

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By chance, on YouTube I saw a supporting Taiwan video made by Ukrainian students.

I was deeply moved and gradually become more and more interested in Ukraine. I wanted to travel there, personally talk with local people and hear their stories.

After the Ukrainian revolution arose, Ministry of Foreign Affairs classified this country as red alert area. But as far as I knew, the capital city was in fact a really safe place. As long as I stay in Kiev, there is nothing to be worried about.

Once, when I went back to Taiwan to see Mila, I plucked up my courage and told her about my plans. It took her aback. She concernedly told me that government of Poland already evacuated Poles and is continuously issuing a travel warning, so it may be too dangerous to go there now.

I told Mila that many Ukrainian issues are calling me out, I want to record it all. If I don’t go there now, I will regret it for the whole my life.

Mila was looking at me with her clear and warm blue eyes, but didn’t say a word.

I knew that she is for sure very worried. I started to hesitate and feel a twinge of guilt. Is my decision right or not?

Not so long after I returned back to Singapore, Mila sent a message telling me that she contacted Nastya, the person responsible for the video. Ukrainian students are willing to be my local guide and tell me their stories.

When I saw this message, I was about to cry.

Though Mila was very worried about my safety and hoped that I can change my mind, she also had a hope that I can complete my dream, so she secretly helped me find people who made a video and convinced them to accept my visit and interview.

I told myself to never forget Mila`s unselfish act.

I will for sure come back safely with the complete story. And when I come back to Taiwan, I will carefully protect this considerate and caring girl.




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