【Our story – part 7】The airport full of tears


After Mila went back to Taiwan, we started a long distance life.

The distance between Taiwan and Singapore was before our eyes. Though it was a frightening thought, we decided to face it together.

Every day we communicated through Facebook and shared everything with each other. We also used Skype every week, to smile at each other through computer screen. From time to time, we made some surprises by sending a small gift. We wanted to make up for the living in different countries.

After the first month, I thought that this kind of interaction methods seem to be too hard for Mila. And so I made a decision to go back to Taiwan every month to see her.

Because of the work, every time I could stay only for three, four days. Even if this was a short time, we could still go hiking, travel to Kending and fully grasp every minute and second together.

It reminded me of drama called “In Time with You", where main characters were flying between Taiwan and Singapore. It was the thing which happened to Mila and me from March to July 2014.

Luckily there are budget airlines, that made me a frequent flayer and allowed me to see Mila regularly.

Every time before departure, Mila always sent me to the airport. We were crying, reluctant to part with each other. Whenever there is a meeting, there is a parting. For us, the airport became the synonym of tears.




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