【Our story – part 6】The reality one more time set us apart


Before I sent Mila to the airport, she gave me a card and told me that she wrote it secretly in her room, on the night of forth day, after we said good night to each other.

I took out the card I wrote for her and said what a coincident! After she went to her room, I was sitting in the living room and at the same time writing the letter for her.

Even when it comes to surprises we also have this kind of mutual understanding. We bursted into laughter sitting inside the taxi.

When we got to the airport, we walked around few times, till the last moment before boarding a plane. We hugged for a long time standing near the gateway. How much I hoped time can stop in this moment, how much I hoped that we can never be apart.

“Next month I will be back in Taiwan for holidays, wait for me."

“Next time I will take you around Taipei" – Mila had tears in her eyes.

During these short two months, the reality one more time set us apart.

When I was looking at her leaving, I suddenly recalled a sentence from the book “Shantaram", which I read many years ago. It goes: “The thing which you are really afraid of, is not that she will not miss you anymore, but that you will still hopelessly miss her.

I eventually realized the deep meaning of these words.





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