【Our story – part 5】Can I be your boyfriend?


During the concert break, we went for a walk along the river bank. There was not much time left, so I made a decision. I grabed her hand and told her all the words I kept in my mind for so long.

“Mila, thank you. I am really glad to have met you. These five days with you, are the happiest days I had in Singapore."

Mila listened attentively, but didn’t say a word. I was absorbed in her expression and the surrounding scenery appeared fuzzy.

“I have never met the girl like you before, we have such a deep connection, we have so many common interests and things to talk about. This kind of destiny is rare, I really treasure it."

Mila looked as if she was thinking about something, still didn’t respond. The moonlight was sprinkling over her face. I was sure. The most beautiful moment in Singapore, was just right before my eyes.

“Can I be your boyfriend?"

The scenery suddenly changed, my ears were burning, my heartbeat sped up. I simply couldn’t believe what I just had said.

She was silently looking at me. After a few seconds, she nodded.

I hugged her very tightly, standing in the crowd of passing people on the Singapore River bank.




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