【Our story – part 4】What does exactly holding hands mean? Is it the same in Poland and Taiwan?


For the next five days, we visited every place in Singapore.

Between us there was absolutely no awkwardly silence, while talking we often burst out into spontaneous laughter. We really have mutual understanding and deep connection. There were few times, when we unexpectedly said exactly the same thing. Just by looking at my facial expression, Mila could guess what do I want to say. We were like old friends.

We had a lot of fun doing sightseeing. I even grabbed her hand, worrying that when I turn my head, she will get lost in the sea of people.

I liked her more and more with each passing day.

Before, I had only one girlfriend, so I didn’t have any dating experience. I didn’t know how to express my feelings, I was also not sure what does Mila think about me. I didn’t dare to think what does exactly holding hands mean, maybe she just treats me like her good friend?

On the evening of forth day (Mila`s last night in Singapore), we were holding hands and walking along Singapore River for a long time. Though she always goes to sleep early, that evening Mila told me that she wants to walk around few times more.

We both fell silent. From time to time I was looking at her face, thinking whether I should use this chance to express my feelings. But this few simple words got stuck in my throat and I didn’t say anything at all.

Later that evening, after we said goodnight to each other, Mila went to her room for a rest.

I was sitting alone in the living room, writing a letter. I wanted to write my feelings down in soft words and give her this letter before taking flight.

Few hours before going to airport, we decided to come back to Singapore River bank and listen to outdoor concert.




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