【Our story – part 3】Meeting again in Singapore

DSC_4636 (2)

The distance between Taiwan and Singapore forcibly separated us. Fortunately, because of the internet, we could keep in touch with each other.

After we exchanged messages for few weeks and sent dozens of them, I summoned up my courage and invited Mila to Singapore. After short consideration, she told me that she has free time in the middle of February, so she can fly to Singapore for five-days holiday.

I was glad to hear it and wrote her back, that if she doesn’t mind, I will be happy to be her private tour guide. The closer it was to the day of our meeting, the more nervous I started to feel. Via internet, we were talking so freely and naturally. What if in real life it will be completely different?

This kind of restlessness accompanied me till the day Mila arrived. I was waiting in the Changi Airport, from time to time standing on tiptoe, trying to find her in the sea of people.

After about twenty minutes, I saw her pulling suitcase, slowly walking out of custom control. She waved her hand and walked over to give me a big hug. We were talking and waiting for the taxi. I asked Mila about her life in Taiwan and she asked me about Singapore.

It was the first time we were alone. Before I was quite worried that if there is no any other friend with us, we won’t have such a lively conversation. But fortunetely, our mutual understanding and connection was as deep as before.

However, what did that mean? Maybe Mila just likes taking? Maybe she can talk so freely with everyone?




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