【Our story – part 2】After New Year’s Eve party

DSC_4611 (2)

After New Year’s Eve fireworks, I sent them back home, to Xindian. When we arrived at door, it was almost 2 am. Aleksandra asked me whether I need a place to sleep over, there are few sofas in living room anyway. It was indeed very inviting offer, I considered it for a moment, but after all I had less than 24 hours before taking a flight back to Singapore, I thought I should spend the remaining time with my family and so I politely declined her invitation.

We hugged and said goodbye. Looking at Mila, I thought maybe it is the last time we see each other. That’s a pity, we had so much in common, if I stayed in Taiwan, we would for sure become close friends.

Exhausted, I arrived at Changi Airport and came back to my flat, located in the northern part of Singapore. When I logged in to Facebook, I saw that Mila sent me friend requests. She also sent me a message to say hello and tell me that this New Year’s Eve was an amazing experience. I was very happy to reply her.

From that day on, we started sending messages to each other. During one week we used to exchange at least three to four long, over 1000 characters messages. During that time, I was surprised to find out that we have a lot in common. We both like music, even if she learns classical music, and I listen to rock music, we can still find a common ground. We both like science fiction. We can talk about everything, from Star Wars to Klingon language. We have both seen “Titanic" at least 10 times. We also both do not actually understand why news crazily report on Giant Rubber Duck.

We were talking about our childhood, about growing up and about our families. Though we come from different countries, speak different languages and have a 5 years age gap, but we found out that our system of values is so similar.

Every day I was looking forward for her next message. The feeling which haven’t appeared for a long time, was slowly sprouting in my heart.




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